The Rajasthan Way of Life Depicted in Local Fairs & Festivals

People of Rajasthan are one step ahead of others, when there is a call for celebration of festivals and events where the prestige of Rajasthan is involved.

Camel Fair Rajasthan

Camel Fair Rajasthan

The land of Rajasthan has rich background of Royalty expressed in the existing fairy tale palaces and forts, which were constructed in which lived kind hearted, loving princes and princesses’ responsible fine art and cultural progress in the state through very creative devoted artisans of the period.

Rajasthan was lucky to have chivalrous kings, holding lavish Durbars with objective of celebrations of the events in the region. All people were welcome at Durbar to witness the celebrations organized by their king. At the Durbars the brave people were honored for their bravery acts along with creative artisans responsible for their contribution towards development of fine art, which became part of the regional culture.

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Brij Festival the Bharatpur Style

The Charming Festivities are taking place in India many times in a year. There are diverse varieties of religions in India and their festivals are celebrated by one and all with full passion and enjoyment.

Brij Festival Bharatpur

Brij Festival Bharatpur

Brij festival of Bharatpur relates to almost impersonation of the eternal attraction Radha had for Lord Krishna, which was equally reciprocated amazingly. Lord Krishna being a god described in Hindu religious mythological accounts. Brij festival is celebrated few days before Holi, the festival of colors.

The vim and vigor are witnessed at its peak as the Colorful Holi festival celebrated here as it approaches near. There is very strong zest and vitality affects the Bharatpur villagers, who find them free and participate in the festival activities. They wear very bright colored dresses made for the festival occasion in their mind.

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Fascinating Memories of Camel Fair at Bikaner

The Department of Tourism, Art & Culture Rajasthan organizes every year in the month of January the Camel Fair held at Bikaner in front of Junagarh Fort.

The objective of organizing the fair is to understand that camel, which is fondly called a Desert Ship; is made to make the desert life easy in transportation of people and their luggage over long strenuous journeys. The services of camel are indispensable because of hard terrain of the region.

Camel Fair

Camel Fair

The beginning of the Camel Festival at Bikaner is marked by spectacular procession in which the participants or highly decorated camels, with ornaments. The procession proceeds to the Polo ground moving through the entire city. The camels look very graceful and charming; the tourists feel wonder struck witnessing a great event.

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