Bikaner- The Exotic City of Rajasthan

Situated in the northern part of Rajasthan, the city of Bikaner was founded in the year 1486 by Rao Bikaji, a Rathore prince. The city derived its name Bikaner from the name of the founder-Prince Rao Bikaji. The prince set up his own kingdom in the barren wilderness which was known as Jangladesh. The city was constructed with the help of 500 soldiers and 100 cavalry horses. A wall of seven kilometers was built around the city to protect it from the desert. The wall has five entrances to the city.

Bhandasar Jain temple

Bhandasar Jain temple

Bikaner city is noted for its camel riding festivals and also known as the city of camels. It is also an important trade center between west Asian countries and Gujarat seaport. The descents of Bikaji ruled the city till the Indian independence. The city is also popularly known for its sweets and savories which include the Bikaner sweets and Bikaner bhujia. Most of the magnificent buildings in the city of Bikaner are made of Reddish Pink sandstone which is considered to be the major attraction of the city.

Important Attractions in the City

There are innumerable places in the city of Bikaner which are worth visiting. The city is also filled with magnificent and elegant Havellis and forts. Some of the most important places to visit include the following.

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The Khejarla Fort and the Kailana Lake in Jodhpur

The Khejarla Fort is one of the most beautiful and fascinating heritage fort resorts in the city of Jodhpur. The fort is situated around 85 kms in the east of the city of Jodhpur. The fort is surrounded by a small and beautiful village. The Khejarla Fort was built for Thakur Gopal Das Ji for his bravery and war feat. The fort was built in the year 1611. Thakur Gopal Das protected the frontiers of the Marwar plains from the attacks of the Mughals.

Mesmerizing Khejarla Fort

Khejarla Fort

Khejarla Fort

Today the Khejarla Fort is a luxurious heritage resort with all the modern amenities. It is completely renovated with a perfect blend of contemporary and ancient artistic skills. The resort is known for its superb amalgamation of the ancient cultural elegance of Rajasthan and the modern facilities of the present era.

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Rajasthan Climatic Conditions Affecting Way of Life & Role of Aravali Range

The Rajasthan state is spread in an area of 343000 square kilometers which has been very distinctly divided by the presence of Aravali Range running from north-east direction to south west direction and cover distance of 688 kilometers from north-east to south-west falling within the state. It appears to be the backbone of the state. Because of this division the two regions created having very contrasting geographical topography of the land.

Aravali range, Rajasthan

Aravali range, Rajasthan

Towards north-west of Aravali range lies Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Barmer and Bikaner, where the topography is of arid plains witnessing the sand dunes mobility forming part of extensively spread Thar desert occupying nearly 196,150 sq km of space. The earth has higher compactness and there are very scantily found thorny shrubs and bushes.

The ground water level in the region is at very great depth, the situation has been prevailing for last many centuries. There is a narrative account written by Manucci, an Italian writer, who traveled in Rajasthan in the 17th Century. The writing account makes mentions of “The extremely deep wells in the region requiring the help of oxen for drawing water from these wells.

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