Aath Haveli Complex - NawalGarh

The Aath Haveli located in Nawalgarh is among most famous havelis of Rajasthan. Situated on the western side of Nawalgarh Fort; it is another spectacular creation of ancestral architect. Aath signifies a Hindi word which means eight. It is particularly symbolic of the number of Havelis combined together to weave the beautiful spectacle.

Wall Painting in Haveli


Shardul Singh was amongst most successful and popular rulers of Shekhawati. Nawalgarh was founded by his son- Thakur Nawal Singh. The Aath Haveli can be counted as one of the best havelis in Rajasthan boasting of some of the finest murals and frescos in whole Shekhawati region. Nawalgarh has been quite a prosperous town of its own time in Shekhawati region. Many famous and affluent businessman origins can be safely traced back to this town. These businessmen have a huge role to play in bringing the beneficial trade practices to this town.

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Shekhavati – Northern Rajasthan for Tourists


Painting on A Room's Gate inside Haveli

Northern Rajasthan is extremely rich in artwork especially in smaller towns. Contrary to typical expectation of a tourist, smaller towns in this area of Shekhawati are rich in art. Northern Rajasthan has fabulous buildings which were erected by rich merchants, who often traveled on routes from Gujarati Ports. If you are visiting or planning to visit this part of Rajasthan, look out for Havellis, Baoris (step-wells), Chhatris (cenotaphs) and Mosques. Few places that one must visit are,

  • Parsurampura
  • Ramgarh
  • Mukundgarh
  • Nawalgarh
  • Jhunjhunu
  • Mahansar
  • Fatehpur

In each of these places you will see colored Havellis, typical rural culture and architecture of early days. Havelli of Ram Gopal Poddar in Ramgarh will enthrall you with magnificent paintings. Fort of Rajah Mukund Singh in Mukundgarh is worthy of a visit. It is spread over 2 acres and represents a testimony to glory of kings. This fort is nearly 300 years old and has been converted to Hotel where one can stay. Handicrafts market is a great stop for shopping. Kanoria Havelli in Mukundgarh is very interesting. One can entertain oneself with Puppet Shows or by sitting at pool side.

Nawalgarh has one of the fines frescos in whole region.  In Nawalgarh, you can visit the Eco farm as well. Ramesh Janid runs a travel agency and the resort. All means of alternate energy generation are used here. One can eat vegetarian meal, hire a vehicle and roam further with a guide. Few places you should not miss in Nawalgarh are:

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