Kailadevi National Park – Karauli

The name Kaila Devi National Park has been derived from the local temple which is called, Kaila Devi Temple. The location is situated 25 Kilometers from Karauli city. The park forms the part of the project tiger and it’s a buffer zone to Ranthambore National park.

Typically the sanctuary has enormous number of Khos or deep gorges, flowing through the terrain. These are many hundred feet deep Khos. Within the Khos one can find very rich and dense forest providing shelter and rest places for large number of wild animals.

Kailadevi National Park

Kailadevi National Park

Kaila Devi Highland forest passes through tremendous changes with the change of season, it attains lush green environment every where on arrival of monsoon season. The ground cover has the appearance of carpet having bright color by the end of monsoon. The forest canopy is mixture of various shades of copper color and it remains predominated up to late winter period.

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Devotional Religious Fair & Animal Fair of Karauli

Karauli witnesses two religious fairs and one Animals Fair, which are more of localized nature and much different in nature.

Kaila devi temple

Kaila devi temple

The religious fairs take place during March-April and Sept-Oct located at the temple of Kaila Devi Ji, which is around 20 kilo meters from the Bhanwar Vilas Palace and is located on the banks of Kalisil River in the Trikut hills, at a distance of 2 km from Kaila village. The Kaila village location is nearly 24 kilometers from Karauli City.

The fair is celebrated with the participation of Yadavas, Khinchis along with the princess of Karauli for paying their homage to Kaila Devi Goddess considered protector of human race. The best attraction of the fair is performance of the rituals by successors Goli Bhagat coming from Agra with large number of followers.

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