Kamruddin Shah’s Dargah & Mertani ji Ki Baori

Kamruddin Shah’s Dargah

Kamruddin Shah’s dargah is another tourist attraction of Jhunjhunu bearing much historical importance. It is situated at the bottom of the Kana Pahar hill. It is a complex which consists of ‘Madrasa’ (Schools with Islamic traditional teachings), a Mosque (masjid) and a ‘Mehfilkhana’. The Mehfilkhana are the typical concert halls made for the purpose of holding the gathering of people where religious songs were sung.

Kamruddin Shah’s DargahThe Dargah build in the mid 19th century, is a tomb of a Muslim saint- Kamruddin Shah. He was born in 1784. A well constructed ramp can be seen leading to the huge and imposing gateway. The view from the rooftop is predominantly eye catching. Few but beautiful fragments of paintings exhibiting floral motifs can be observed around the courtyard, especially towards northern and eastern sides. Many of these probably have already been whitewashed. A small structure resembling a pyramid can also be seen inside the complex. This structure was erected on the demise of the infant son of Major Forster in 1841.

Saint Kamruddin Shah’s dargah was a historical landmark in Hindu Muslim harmony. A strange depiction of this harmony between the two communities can be well seen at the entrance, in the form of a ‘Swastik’ symbol. The legends of kinship between Kamruddin and other Hindu saints are widely spoken of in Jhunjhunu.

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