Baba Ramdev Temple and Ganesh Temple of Jodhpur City

There are many beautiful temples in the city of Jodhpur that are worth visiting. The city is filled with many Hindu and Jain temples. The Adhar Shila temple or the Baba Ramdev temple is an ancient temple that is located on the Massuria hills. The temple is located in between Nagori gate and the Jalori gate in the city of Jodhpur.

The Ramdev temple is a symbolic representation of devotion and divinity. However, the temple is surrounded by many legends which lend it a mystic aura. The entrance of the temple includes a small board which reads-“enter at your own risk”. The Baba Ramdev temple is mostly visited by people who are fascinated by the mystic aura that envelopes the holy premises of the temple.

Randev Baba Temple jodhpur

Randev Baba Temple jodhpur

The temple was originally constructed by Maharani Jadechi Rajkanwar after the demise of Maharaja Jaswant Singh, her husband. This temple is noted for its intricate patterns, beautiful patterns and different colored stained glass windows. The temple also includes a huge marble statue of Ranchodiji.

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The Jaswant Sagar Dam of Jodhpur & Machiya Safari Park

The Jaswant Sagar dam was built by Maharaja Jaswant Singh in the year 1892. The dam is located in the village of Pichiyak, which is located in between Bhavi and Bilara of the Jodhpur district. The Jaswant Sagar dam is known to be one of the most useful dams in the city of Jodhpur. The dam is one of the main suppliers of water which is used for irrigation purposes in the city of Jodhpur. Most of the green parts of the city receive water from the Jaswant Sagar Dam. In addition to irrigation purposes, the dam is also known to be a popular tourist destination.

Jaswant Sagar dam

Jaswant Sagar dam

The place is also popularly known for its attractive boating facilities. The dam provides boating facilities for tourists from round the world. The Jaswant Sagar Dam is also a popular educational spot which is visited by children of various schools and colleges.

The Jaswant Sagar Dam has nearly collapsed due to the incessant rains and floods. Nearly forty villages in the areas of Bartala and Barner have been flooded due to destruction of the dam. The government has ordered evacuation of the villages near to the dam. With thousands of people affected by the floods, the villages near to the dam are more or less destroyed. The government has sought the assistance of the Indian army to provide relief to the inhabitants of the villages. Package food is being distributed to the villages of the area.

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The Remarkable Ranisar, Padmasar & Gulab Sagar Lakes in Jodhpur

There are many notable and beautiful lakes in city of Jodhpur. There are two significant lakes located around 5kms from the center of the city. These two lakes are the Ranisar Lake and the Padmasar Lake. The Ranisar Lake was built in the year 1459 near the Fateh pole in Mehrangarh. It was built by Queen Jasmade Hadi. She was the wife of Rao Jodha.

Ranisar Padmasar Lake

Ranisar Padmasar Lake

The Padmasar Lake was built by Queen Padmini. She was the daughter of Rana Sanga of Mewar. Both these lake were built to conserve water around 500 years ago. Therefore the lands near to these rivers seldom run out of water.

Gulab Sagar Lake

Another beautiful lake in Jodhpur is the Gulab Sagar Lake which was built in year 1788. This exquisite lake is located in the Sardar Market in the city of Jodhpur. The Gulab Sagar Lake is situated 6kms from the old city area. The lake was constructed under the supervision of Gulab Rai. She was the lover of Maharaja Vijay Singh. The Gulab Sagar Lake was earlier known as Bawri, which was a source of water. Continue reading The Remarkable Ranisar, Padmasar & Gulab Sagar Lakes in Jodhpur