Colorful Rajasthan – Must Visit Destination in India

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Rajasthan is basically known as The Land of the Kings. It is the largest state of India in terms of area. Rajasthan spreads over 342,239 km. Rajasthan is, undoubtedly, one of the finest places to visit for tourism. It has rich heritage, diverse culture, majestic history, and lots more. It is […]

World Famous Dilwara Jain Temples Located at Mount Abu

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The Dilwara Temples, which are very famous all over the world, are Jain temples located at Dilwara village, which is around 2½ Kilo meters from the most elegant city of Mt. Abu. The temples are made of carving created with marble. There is fantastic designing besides superiority in craftsmanship while giving […]

Looking at Jhalawar of the Past & Present Scenario

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Its location is towards south – east of Rajasthan at the edge of Malwa plateu.

Distance from Jaipur is 335 kilometers and from Kota 87 kilometers.

Historical Background of Jhalawar:

It was a princely state established by Jhalas and came into existence in the year 1838 A.D., when it got separated […]