Sawai Madhopur – A Vivid Part of Rajasthan

Sawai Madhopur in Rajasthan, India, home for the renowned Ranathambore National Park, is among the largest adventure parks India has on offer with a wide array of adventure sports, roof top restaurants, horror house, carnival games, horror house, bungee jumping, running bungee, paint ball, water wars and more. In recent times, corporate house have taken keen interest in this destination giving it the status of a sought after training destination too. So, that is training on the lap of Mother Nature, with plenty of fun time thrown in.

Ranhambore Fort

Ranhambore Fort

Rajasthan, when translated means the seat of Kings. True to its name, in most parts of the state that you choose to travel, you will be treated to centuries old architecture, a world of fresco paintings in nearly every fort, palace and havelis (residence of rich joint families) converted to residences. Above all, you will enjoy vibrant colors, be it on the garments, paintings, the buildings, your hotel interiors and nearly everywhere you go. You will also be treated to a wide range of lac bangles that are not just beautiful but also affordable. Welcome to Sawai Madhopur and in the following pages, we will describe some of the most enchanting attractions and places to visit around Sawai Madhopur.

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Rani Sati Temple Jhunjhunu

Rani Sati mandir is one of the most famous & rich temples in Rajasthan. It is situated in the town of Jhunjhunu within shekhawati region. It has a history of more than 400 years and is a testimony to feminine bravery and spirit which certainly captures the attention of many tourists. This temple is also famous for its magnanimous and rare paintings. It is also one of the oldest existing Indian pilgrimages which has a known history behind it.

A special Pujanutsav (festival of prayers) is held on the occasion of Bhado Amavasya (no moon day). This day the temple is crowded with devotees in huge number. People from all over the country visit this place to offer their puja (prayers) to Goddess Rani Sati Devi. The most remarkable feature of this famous temple is that it does not hold any painting or statue of either female or male gods. Instead a trident depicting power and force is worshipped religiously by the followers. However one can surely find a beautiful portrait of Rani Sati Devi in the pradhan mand. The temple consists of colorful wall paintings and is structured with white marbles.

In the complex of Rani Sati temple there is also Hanuman Temple, Sita Temple, Ganesha Temple and Lord Shiva Temple. The regular ‘prasad’ distribution takes place after every ‘aarti’. There are also arrangements made for the meals in day time on payment basis. The temple is situated within city limit of Jhunjhunu. It is beautiful and intricately crafted, not to forget the golden pot at the top of the temple.

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Ratan Bihari and Karni Mata Temple In Bikaner City

The Ratan Bihari temple

The Ratan Bihari temple was built by Lord Ratan Singh in the year 1846. Lord Ratan Singh was the 18th ruler of the Bikaner city. The entire temple is built of magnificent white marble. The Ratan Bihari temple is located on King Edward memorial road near to the Junagarh Fort. The temple is noted for its unique blend of indo-Mughal architectural magnificence. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and exhibits ethereal beauty. The outer walls of the temple are incomparable in beauty and grandeur.


Ratan Bihari Temple Bikaner

Ratan Bihari Temple Bikaner

The temple is popular for its artistic beauty and architectural elegance. The inner sanctum of the temple is distinct as it is the place where the idol of Lord Krishna and his wife are placed. The floor of the temple is made of marble in exquisite designs. The ethereal beauty of the temple attracts millions of devotees and tourists from different parts of the world. Continue reading Ratan Bihari and Karni Mata Temple In Bikaner City