Bazaar of Nawalgarh

Taking a tour to your desired destination is quite an experience. However we often are left wondering what to buy as a memory for our dear ones from such destinations. If you happen to be in Nawalgarh in Rajasthan you will never find yourself at loss of spotting perfect mementos. Shopping in Nawalgarh is a delightful and refreshing experience.



The local bazaar is full with all kind of local handicraft stuff. Nawalgarh is quite famous for its Shekhawati paintings, which are an integral part of all the Havelis in this township. The exquisite and beautiful murals are the main attraction for the tourists over here. The replicas of these Shekhawati paintings can be seen in the local markets which can serve as a beautiful memoir for your near relatives and friends. Local artisans with the help of their natural talents recreate the murals and frescos of the beautiful palaces and Havelis on paper or cloth which certainly are the most in demand object for visitors.

Beautiful junk ornaments of old era, various other types of small decorative items, trinkets, and antique pieces are some of the knick-knacks which are the main attraction of the local Bazaar of Nawalgarh. Most of these pieces are well worth their prices and serves as a perfect gift and well suited to your pocket.

Another well known item of Nawalgarh which is found in plenty is the wooden furniture. The wooden furniture of Nawalgarh has a unique characteristic of Shekhawati era. Some of the most sought after wooden pieces here are chairs, stools, low tables, cradles, decorated chests and other craved furniture items. Apart from the wooden furniture the local bazaar also offers you to pep up your house furnishing with the antique fittings, which indeed is the appropriate way to give your home a classic look and feel.

These are some of the most popular items of Nawalgarh market. Tie–and-die fabric is also quite in demand in beautiful and vibrant colors. Markets here are complete portrayal of the Nawalgarh art and living style. The rare replicas of frescos sold in these local markets, the beautifully carved furniture pieces or the junk antique items are synonym of Nawalgarh’s famous Shekhawati culture.

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