Brij Festival the Bharatpur Style

The Charming Festivities are taking place in India many times in a year. There are diverse varieties of religions in India and their festivals are celebrated by one and all with full passion and enjoyment.

Brij Festival Bharatpur

Brij Festival Bharatpur

Brij festival of Bharatpur relates to almost impersonation of the eternal attraction Radha had for Lord Krishna, which was equally reciprocated amazingly. Lord Krishna being a god described in Hindu religious mythological accounts. Brij festival is celebrated few days before Holi, the festival of colors.

The vim and vigor are witnessed at its peak as the Colorful Holi festival celebrated here as it approaches near. There is very strong zest and vitality affects the Bharatpur villagers, who find them free and participate in the festival activities. They wear very bright colored dresses made for the festival occasion in their mind.

They get busy in singing old traditional songs accompanied by dance performances by both men and women, which is nicknamed as “Raslila” devoted to the great love story Radha and Krishna, which is passed on to generations from the time immemorial.

Another attraction of Bharapur festival is Raslila Dance, depicting the love story between Lord Krishan and Radha. As per ancient stories, Radha used to love Lord Krishna for entire life time and their Love is marked as True Bond of love. The villagers perform the dance along with raslila during the festival with all colorful clothes and Distintive Folk music.

During the festival hundreds of tourist visit Bharatpur just to see and take part in Bharatpur Brij Festival, It is one of the very important and famous festival celebrated in Rajasthan, India. You can see true culture and traditional values of Rajasthan during the fair.

On the festival day both young and old, men and women are charged with the festivity moods singing folk songs with splashing colors on each other. Every one gets infected with festivity mood and enjoys all kind liberty. No one minds teasing activities within normal limits.

If you looking to visit Bharapur, it is situated on National Highway no 11, which connects Agra and Bikaner, Nearest Airport is Agra (56 KM) and You can also take a taxi from Delhi for Bharatpur which is about 4 hours drive on a very good road.  If you planning to visit by Train you can get through any train which passes from Bharatpur on Delhi Mumbai Rail line.


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