Jhunjhunu – Places To Visit

Jhunjhunu is a one of the most prominent, rich district with an area of 5929 km square. It lies at core of Shekhawati region. Mohammed khan was the first Nawab of Jhunjhunu while Rohilla Khan was the last.

Known for its forts, one must visit,

  • Badalgarh Fort
  • Jorawargarh Fort, (Built by Thakur Jorawar Singh )
  • Akhegarh Fort, (Built by Thakur Akhe Singh )
  • Khetri Mahal, (Built by Thakur Bhopal Singh )

Other then forts, there are numerous havelis. Modi Haveli located in Bada Baazar has beautiful paintings. Kaniram Narsinghdas Tibrewal Haveli has a notable painting which shows a goods train with livestock crosses a passenger train. Narudin Farooqi Haveli also has a floral motif in Muslim style which uses blue prominently.

Mohanlal Ishwardas Haveli has many legends from tales of Lord Krishna. Bihari Ji temple is known for its mural art.  Khetri Mahal , built in 1760 AD, is architecturally most superior building in this entire area. Shri Rani Satiji Temple is associated with banned practice of Sati. At one point Sati was very prominent and hence the temple. Note its wall paintings while visiting the temple.

An exhaustive list of places one can visit is given below:

  • Seth Ishwardas Mohan Das Modi Haveli
  • Six Havelies of Tibrewala
  • Makbara of Nawab Samaskhan
  • Nar Singh Das Tibrewala Haveli
  • Jorawar Garh
  • Bihari Ji Temple
  • Shri Ram Jait Ram Tibrewal haveli
  • Khetri Mahal (A Wind Palace)
  • Kamruddin Shah Ki Durgah
  • Captain Henry Forester’s son’s Majaar
  • Badalgarh Fort
  • Mertani Ji Ki Bawari (Stepwell)
  • Mansha Mata & Badru Ki Johari. A Salubrious tracking
  • Laxmi Nath Temple
  • Khetan Haveli
  • Khetan Bawari (Stepwell)
  • Rani Sati Temple’
  • Birdi Chand’s Well
  • Ajeet Sagar
  • Bala Bux Tulshan Haveli
  • Captain Henry Forester’s Gate
  • Captain Henry Forester’s Radhakrishana Temple
  • Captain Henry Forester’s Jama Masjid
  • Cenotaphs of Shekhawat Rulers
  • Tie & Die, Lacwork, Leather work and Scissors Market (Phootla Market)
  • Moda Hill Resort – Sunrise Point
  • Samas Talab
  • Makbara of Nawab Rohilla Khan

Jhunjhunu is notable for murals. If you wish to shop here, head off to Nehru Market, Cloth Market and Phootla Bazar. The marketplace is very colorful and will be an interesting place. Unfortunately, you may not be able to see many chhttris as most are destroyed beyond repair.

As a commercial center Jhunjhunu made lot of progress but it has not been able to preserve then cultural heritage.

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