Fascinating Memories of Camel Fair at Bikaner

The Department of Tourism, Art & Culture Rajasthan organizes every year in the month of January the Camel Fair held at Bikaner in front of Junagarh Fort.

The objective of organizing the fair is to understand that camel, which is fondly called a Desert Ship; is made to make the desert life easy in transportation of people and their luggage over long strenuous journeys. The services of camel are indispensable because of hard terrain of the region.

Camel Fair

Camel Fair

The beginning of the Camel Festival at Bikaner is marked by spectacular procession in which the participants or highly decorated camels, with ornaments. The procession proceeds to the Polo ground moving through the entire city. The camels look very graceful and charming; the tourists feel wonder struck witnessing a great event.

When all the participating camels reach Polo ground, the procession ends marked by beginning of other scheduled activities, tug of war contest, dancing camels, acrobatic performances etc. One enjoys camel race competition and the bumps caused by camel rides, shaking the entire body of the riders in the process.

The sight of camel dance is marvelous reflecting the response of the camels to the commands of their trainer. Their foot movements are harmonious to the music tunes being played. One can view incredible shadows of the camel as they move feeling happy with the jingling sound created by the ornaments worn around the neck and anklets.

There is gathering of domestic as well as foreign tourists to witness the wonderful revelry of camels at Bikaner fair. As the evening approaches there is wide variety of folk show performances, where there are renowned artists of the state and local artists giving their performances to amuse the gathering.

One witnesses folk women singing and dancing like on a whirlwind, amazing scenes created by their skirts flung wide in motion. There are dancers playing with fire with great perfection. The concluding part of the Camel fair is with great fire works display.  During these festivities tea and sweet dishes prepared using camel milk add to the delight of the tourists.


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