Sikar – Ancient Part of Rajasthan

Sikar is an important part of your Rajasthan, India itinerary offering a mix of history, archaeology, ancient temples and fortresses.

Sikar can be easily reached from Jaipur (nearest airport) or New Delhi by road and the distance of about 250 kilometers can be covered in about 4 hours. If you are taking a road trip from Jaipur or Agra, you will also have the advantage of expressways (toll roads) and the distance of about 130 kilometers can be covered in 2 hours or less. Another option would be to travel by train from Jaipur which is about 100kms from Sikar.

There are about 5 trains from Jaipur on a daily basis though advance reservations may be needed for a comfortable journey. You can also consider traveling by train by New Delhi to Sikar by train but that option is best suited to people who are looking for a relaxed style of travel. Fathepur, Nawalgarh and Jhunjhunu are the other important destinations within the Shekawati region of Rajasthan distanced by about 100 kilometers from Sikar. 

Sikar is more a part of your Shekawati region itinerary. The entire region is sometimes called the ‘Open Art Gallery’ because of its wealth of crafts, architecture and traditional arts. Much of these belong to the 18th and 19th centuries when Rajasthan was at its height of glory.

Laxmangarh Fort, Sikar

Laxmangarh Fort, Sikar

The central attraction when you arrive in Sikar is undoubtedly the Laxmangarh whose history dates back to 1862. Laxmangarh is also the place where you will be treated to some rare frescoes and a distinct style of architecture that the fort presents. Apart from the fort, you can also explore a series of Havelis (abode of the wealthy) and these include:-

• Bansidhar Rathi Haveli
• Sawant Ram Chokhan Haveli
• Mirijamal Kyala Haveli
• Kedia Haveli
• Sanganeria Haveli and
• Char Chowk Haveli

Once you get to the top of the fort, you can also enjoy an alluring view of the city and her surroundings. A good pair of binoculars would therefore be a useful aid when you choose to explore this fort.
The following are among other places worth exploring in the Sikar region:-


Devagarh is about 10 kilometers from Sikar on the Harshnath road and the strategic fort of 1787 origin is worthy of your time. However, some trekking will be essential since no proper road is available to approach the fort itself.

Harshnath Temple

The origin of this Shiva temple can be traced back to the 10th century and is some 14 kilometers away from Sikar perched on the Aravalli hills. The architectural display at the ruins of this temple is indeed breathtaking.


This is a beautiful fort that can be reached from the ground level and falls about 10 kms from Sikar en-route to Jaipur.


Laxmanagarh is among the more impressive forts that you can see in the whole of the Shekhawati region.

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