Colorful Rajasthan – Must Visit Destination in India

Rajasthan is basically known as The Land of the Kings. It is the largest state of India in terms of area. Rajasthan spreads over 342,239 km. Rajasthan is, undoubtedly, one of the finest places to visit for tourism. It has rich heritage, diverse culture, majestic history, and lots more. It is the store of Indian values and culture. Rajasthan inhabits Rajasthanis in large numbers which are the core Indian group of people.

Rajasthan - Hawa Mahal

Rajasthan - Hawa Mahal

Rajasthan encompasses few of the world famous monuments, desert, and mountain ranges. A large part of The Great Indian Desert (Thar Desert) is situated in the lands of the magnificent state of Rajasthan. It is the world’s ninth largest desert. Rajasthan is mounted by the Aravalli Ranges running from one end to another.

Rajasthan depicts the story of the great warriors, rich and varied folk culture. Rajasthan has always attracted a large flight of tourists not only from within India but also from abroad primarily because of its enchanting beauty and great history. Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan.

Jaipur is also known as the pink city. Its buildings are all painted in pink hue. It is also a famous tourist attraction. Its mesmerizing forts and monuments reflect the story of its glorious past. It also encompasses many temples and religious places. Other attractions of Rajasthan are the places of Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and Bikaner. One can notice loads of honeymoon couples wandering in these beautiful places mainly because of its diversity and pleasing aura.

Rajasthan is a store of finely carved temples and extricating forts, which mainly belongs to the age old Kings and Rajputs. Besides sightseeing Rajasthan is also a paradise for shopping. One can buy traditional jewellery , articles, paintings, unique handicrafts such as pottery ,furniture ,carpets and rajasthani apparels.

Rajasthan has its own unique culture and tradition. Rajasthan has been a native place of many of our well known renowned industrialists and business persons who flocked to the urban India in search of work. There are many colleges and the people here have store of value education. Bikaneri namkeens and Jaipuri dresses have successfully made their way in many places in India.

Rajasthan has diverse and varied culture which beautifully depicts the ancient India. The music and dance have their own significance and place in the hearts of the Indian masses. They are just mesmerizing. Rajasthan is a very colorful and a soothing place to be in. Sariska Tiger Reserves, Ranthambore National Park are special attraction for wildlife lovers. In fact the magnificent state has treasures of fun for everyone, all classes and ages of people. The sun littted golden lands of Rajasthan is a must visit for every folk.

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