Badalgarh Fort in Jhunjhunu

Horses were an integral part of ancient wars. Rajputana is known as the land of warriors famous for their bravery and gallantry. They were famous for assembling huge cavalries (Risalas) fit for conquering big wars through their upbeat Risala skills. Horses playing an imperative role thus were required to be nourished and kept in stables fit for sustenance.

Badalgarh fort was not build for habitat rather as a stable. Horses and camels were valuable assets for the then rulers. It was an essential requirement for these animals to have an appropriate place to stay and not just an ordinary stable. This is a prime reason of Badalgarh fort not portraying the grand and eye catching ‘Baradaris’ as in case of other forts. Badalgarh fort is located at the top of a rocky hill and is known as one of the most impressive construction of Shekhawatis. Though it is designed with the purpose of a stable still the massive size of this fort is quite an astounding fact which makes it quite different from other Forts.

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Jhunjhunu - Places To Visit

Jhunjhunu is a one of the most prominent, rich district with an area of 5929 km square. It lies at core of Shekhawati region. Mohammed khan was the first Nawab of Jhunjhunu while Rohilla Khan was the last.

Known for its forts, one must visit,

  • Badalgarh Fort
  • Jorawargarh Fort, (Built by Thakur Jorawar Singh )
  • Akhegarh Fort, (Built by Thakur Akhe Singh )
  • Khetri Mahal, (Built by Thakur Bhopal Singh )

Other then forts, there are numerous havelis. Modi Haveli located in Bada Baazar has beautiful paintings. Kaniram Narsinghdas Tibrewal Haveli has a notable painting which shows a goods train with livestock crosses a passenger train. Narudin Farooqi Haveli also has a floral motif in Muslim style which uses blue prominently.

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