Beautiful Balsamand Lake and Garden

Balsamand Lake is a man-made lake located in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India; One of the popular tourist destination in the city. This magnificent lake is located 5 kms from the north of Jodhpur city. Located along the side of Mandore road, It was built in 1159 AD by King Bhoj of the Pal dynasty and was originally used as a water reservoir to provide water to the nearby palace and surrounding areas. The city of Jodhpur used to face shortage of drinking water. The Balsamand Lake was created to reduce the shortage of drinking water. It was perhaps the only water reservoir in the city of Jodhpur that provided ample amount of water to the residents.

Bal Samand Lake in Jodhpur

The lake is surrounded by lush green gardens and tall trees, making it a popular spot for picnicking and relaxation. Today there is a beautiful luscious garden in the premises of the lake. The garden has beautiful terraces which offer spectacular views. The lake is also surrounded by dense jungles. There are a number of fruit trees called badis in the jungle. It is an ideal place for a stroll as the view is spectacular.

On the shores of the lake is a beautiful summer palace which served as the house of the royal families. This beautiful and elegant palace is known as the Balsamand Lake palace. Today this palace is transformed into a modern hotel with all types of amenities. There are thirty six luxurious rooms in the palace with air-conditioning facilities. The palace offers incomparable view of the lake and the garden.

Balsamand Lake is also a popular tourist destination in Jodhpur, attracting visitors from all over the world for its stunning beauty and rich cultural heritage. The lake is surrounded by several historic structures, including the Balsamand Palace, which is now a heritage hotel. The palace, which was built in the traditional Rajasthani style, offers visitors a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan.

Umed Garden- Exotic Scenery and Wildlife

Built by Maharaj Umed Singh, the Umed garden is one among the most popular gardens in the city of Jodhpur. The entire garden includes a space of 82 acres with a huge variety of roses, lawns and different types of trees. There are five separate gates from various directions to enter the garden. The garden is filled with different types of roses and seasoned flowers.

The garden also includes beautifully designed fountains, museum, library, huge and tall Ashoka trees and a zoo. The zoo which is situated inside the garden was inaugurated by Viceroy Willington. During those days, the zoo had a number of animals including zebras, lions, ostrich, tigers and emus. The zoo has individual cages for monkeys. In the year 1978, an aviary house was built for different types of birds which include various types of African and Australian birds. There is a huge cage for wild bears in the zoo. In addition to birds, there are rabbits, ducks, leopards, lions, crocodiles and so forth in the zoo. The zoo is visited by a large group of people from all across the world.

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