Less Frequented but Exceptional Attractions of Sawai Madhopur

Time is by far the major constraint when you are exploring the Shekhawati region in Rajasthan India. Deeply entrenched in history, royal living, art, architecture and not to forget, a series of fresco paintings, the Sawai Mahopur offers even more attractions for those who are looking to take on this unique combination on earth.

Ganesh Temple, Sawai Madhopur

This temple devoted to Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles is located inside the Ranathambore fort within the Ranathambore park. This temple is unique since the idol of Lord Ganesha in this temple has 3 eyes as against the usual 2 eyes. 3 eyes are generally associated with Lord Shiva, the father of Lord Ganesha.

Amareswar Mahadev Sawai Madhopur

Amareswar Mahadev Sawai Madhopur

Amreshwar Mahadev, Sawai Madhopur

This is another temple devoted to Lord Shiva located inside the Ranthambore forest in an isolated and underdeveloped area. You can reach the temple by taking a left turn from the main entrance to the Ranthambore park and going about 2 kms in the same direction when you can find a small gate that may also be missed if you are not specifically looking for it. The small road from the gate leads you to the temple. All the trouble reaching the temple is worthwhile since you will get to see several natural springs with the water really heavy in sulphur content.

The temple by itself is not a great attraction but it is the surroundings that are important from a tourist’s perspective. You can also notice a small water fall that drips directly on the idol of Lord Shiva and people in the area say that the water fall never dries up even during the scorching summer that Rajasthan is known for. The temple is en-route to the Ranathambore park and you can take guidance from the RTDC Hotel Vinayak on the way.

Crocodile Sanctuary, Sawai Madhopur

On a given day you may miss tiger sighting at the park. But, about 38 kms off Sawai Madhopur is Palighat famous for its crocodile sanctuary. If you hire a jeep from Sawai Madhopur it could cost you about Rs.1500 (about $25) for a trip up and down with the wait time included. You can expect to see a wide variety of crocodiles and some of them can be even scary. For those who have already seen a similar sanctuary in Singapore, memories will keep coming back.

Sawai Mansingh Sanctuary, Sawai Madhopur

Home for over 50 tigers, you can expect to see at least a couple of tigers with some 6 safaris but less than 4 safaris your chances could be dim. Zone 3 is a scenic stretch and zone 10 is replete with varying greenery and water bodies. The neighbourhood of the sanctuary had lot of human population until recently. But, the authorities have now relocated the villages and therefore the sanctuary holds promise to become a desirable wildlife habitat. You can also see some natural water holes as well as some that are created by the forest department. This sanctuary could soon become the focus for visitors intent on tiger sighting.

Draw up an extended itinerary so that you can savour the best of Rajasthan at a leisurely pace.

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