Umaid Palace- Royal Architectural Splendor

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The city of Jodhpur boosts of architectural magnificence and skilled craftsmanship. It is known to be one of the most visited tourist destinations in Rajasthan. One of the most famous palaces is the Umaid Bhavan palace which is the last palace in India. This huge mansion was designed to provide employment […]

The Enchanting City of Jodhpur

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Jodhpur, one of the most beautiful cities in Rajasthan, is considered to be a popular tourist destination across the world. Jodhpur is also known as the Sun City and it is visited by millions of people from all over the globe.

Beautiful Attractions of Jodhpur

The city of Jodhpur was founded […]

The Colorful Marwar Festival of Jodhpur

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The Marwar festival of the city of Jodhpur is known to be the second largest festival in India. It is also the most popular festivals in the country. This exemplary and unique festival is celebrated to honor the brave deeds of the heroes of Rajasthan who lived and fought during […]