Baba Ramdev Temple and Ganesh Temple of Jodhpur City

There are many beautiful temples in the city of Jodhpur that are worth visiting. The city is filled with many Hindu and Jain temples. The Adhar Shila temple or the Baba Ramdev temple is an ancient temple that is located on the Massuria hills. The temple is located in between Nagori gate and the Jalori gate in the city of Jodhpur.

The Ramdev temple is a symbolic representation of devotion and divinity. However, the temple is surrounded by many legends which lend it a mystic aura. The entrance of the temple includes a small board which reads-“enter at your own risk”. The Baba Ramdev temple is mostly visited by people who are fascinated by the mystic aura that envelopes the holy premises of the temple.

Randev Baba Temple jodhpur

Randev Baba Temple jodhpur

The temple was originally constructed by Maharani Jadechi Rajkanwar after the demise of Maharaja Jaswant Singh, her husband. This temple is noted for its intricate patterns, beautiful patterns and different colored stained glass windows. The temple also includes a huge marble statue of Ranchodiji.

The temple is visited by millions of tourists every year as it is enveloped by a mysterious aura. Although none of the legends are proven, people still tend to believe in most of the ancient beliefs. The temple is most famous for its ancient cultural designs and architectural beauty.

Ganesh Temple- Exquisite Temple in the Ratanada Hills

One of the most beautiful and large temples in the city of Jodhpur is the Ganesh temple which is located in Ratanada hills. The hill is named after a dog called Rata. The history of the temple can be traced back to around 150 years when a huge statue of Lord Ganesha was discovered. The statue is eight feet in height and five feet in width. This huge statue was placed on the Ratanada hills and a temple was built in its place. The temple is located 5kms from the main city of Jodhpur. The statue of Ganesh was discovered by a teacher named Radidas from a place called Gorunda.

According to the Hindu myths, Ganesha is the son of Shiva and Parvathi- the god and goddess of Hindus. Lord Ganesh is the God of all Gods with an elephant head. According to the legend of the temple, the idol was discovered by the teacher on the Ratanada hills. The temple was then built on the hills. Today the temple is visited by millions of tourists from all over the world.


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