Devotional Religious Fair & Animal Fair of Karauli

Karauli witnesses two religious fairs and one Animals Fair, which are more of localized nature and much different in nature.

Kaila devi temple

Kaila devi temple

The religious fairs take place during March-April and Sept-Oct located at the temple of Kaila Devi Ji, which is around 20 kilo meters from the Bhanwar Vilas Palace and is located on the banks of Kalisil River in the Trikut hills, at a distance of 2 km from Kaila village. The Kaila village location is nearly 24 kilometers from Karauli City.

The fair is celebrated with the participation of Yadavas, Khinchis along with the princess of Karauli for paying their homage to Kaila Devi Goddess considered protector of human race. The best attraction of the fair is performance of the rituals by successors Goli Bhagat coming from Agra with large number of followers.

The devotees cover the distance around 15 to 20 kilometers by lying flat on the ground the ritual is called ‘Kanak-Dandoti’. The fair is witnessed by singing of folk songs by Mina tribals and performance of traditional dances depicting extreme happiness state. There are large number of shops set up selling large variety of art & other articles.

The Animals Fair:

The Animal fair, which is held annually at Karauli during the month of February, its duration is for one week incidentally it also coincides with the Shivratri festival. The Animal fair happens to be one of the oldest traditional animal fairs of Rajasthan. During this fair thousands of different variety of animals are brought for selling/purchasing.

Trading of animals takes place during week long period and the owners of the animals from different locations do camping along with their animals. Besides the animals sale the locality witnesses make shift shopping places selling all kinds of colorful utility items and items used for decoration of the animals.

The fair also hold competition to adjudge the best animal in each category. Then the animal fair also takes the shape of a commodity fair selling spices, handicrafts and household articles.

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