Elegant and Luxurious Havellis in Jaisalmer

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For many centuries, Rajasthan was ruled by the Rajput Maharajas who lived in luxurious and splendid Havellis. Most of these architectural structures are still present in Rajasthan. It is the epitome of the rich cultural heritage of the country. There are many beautiful Havellis in the city of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. […]

Parsurampura – For Oldest Wall Paintings

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Parsurampura is nearly 43 kilometers South East from Mandawa and 20 kilometers from Nawalgarh. It is a town in Jhunjhunu district. This place is known for its oldest paintings in entire region. The moment you step out of bus from Bus Stand, you can start your tour with Shamji Saraf Haveli. […]

Shekhavati – Northern Rajasthan for Tourists

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Painting on A Room's Gate inside Haveli

Northern Rajasthan is extremely rich in artwork especially in smaller towns. Contrary to typical expectation of a tourist, smaller towns in this area of Shekhawati are rich in art. Northern Rajasthan has fabulous buildings which were erected by rich merchants, who often […]