Birdi Chand Well & Ajit Sagar Lake – Jhunjhunu

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Birdi Chand Well

Birdi Chand Well is one of the most prominent structures situated at the north east corner of the city. It is surrounded by four large slender towers like structure known as minarets. Two minarets are primarily symbolic to the presence of step well. Water is a limited and […]

Various Attraction in Jhunjhunu

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Shekhawat Rajput Chatris:

Chatris basically are dome shaped, elevated pavilions utilized as an important facet in Indian Architecture. Shekhawat Rajputs have primarily contributed a lot in the adornment of Jhunjhunu. Though many of these Chatris have been transformed into schools still quite a few remains of beautiful paintings can be seen […]

Kamruddin Shah’s Dargah & Mertani ji Ki Baori

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Kamruddin Shah’s Dargah

Kamruddin Shah’s dargah is another tourist attraction of Jhunjhunu bearing much historical importance. It is situated at the bottom of the Kana Pahar hill. It is a complex which consists of ‘Madrasa’ (Schools with Islamic traditional teachings), a Mosque (masjid) and a ‘Mehfilkhana’. The Mehfilkhana are the typical […]