Incomparable Architectural Beauty of the Bhandasar Temple

The Bhandasar Jain temple in Bikaner city is among the most visited tourist destinations in Rajasthan. The temple is also known as Bhandreshwar. The construction of the temple was commissioned by a rich merchant Bhandasa Oswal in the year 1468. The construction of the temple was completed only after his demise in the year 1514. This Jain temple is dedicated to Sumatinathji, the fifth Jain Tirthankara.

The Interior Marvel of the Temple

Bhandasar Jain temple Bikaner

Bhandasar Jain temple Bikaner

According to the beliefs of the local residents of the city, the temple is built of forty thousand kilograms of pure ghee as an alternative to mortar. The idol of Lord Sumatinathji is built of marble and it is placed on a high pavilion on a silver throne. The interiors of the temple are one of the most beautiful architectural marvels in the history of Rajasthan. It includes vivid paintings decorated with patterns of golden leaves. The temple also includes beautiful marble pillars which depict the lives of the Jain Thritankaras.

The temple includes beautiful floral patterns and images of dancing maidens on the walls. The floors of the temple are filled with beautiful intricate patterns. There are beautifully carved balconies in the temple premises. These balconies are present in the first and second floors of the temple. The main alter of the temple is decorated with porcelain tiles which are imported from Victorian England. The temple is also noted for its exemplary mirror work. There are marble pillars and sandstone pillars in the ground floor of the temple which are carved with beautiful and intricate patterns.

Bhandasar Jain temple

Bhandasar Jain temple

The architectural marvel of this temple is commendable. Many other Jain deities are also placed in the temple premises. The entire city of Bikaner can be viewed from the top of the temple. More than hundreds of people visit the temple every day.

According to the traditional Jain custom, no leather items are permitted inside the temple premises. The same custom is followed in the Bhandasar Jain temple. All leather accessories such as shoes, hand bags, wallets, belts and watches need to be removed before entering the temple. These accessories will be kept safe near the entrance free of cost.

It is believed that the Bhandasar Jain temple is one of the most beautiful Jain temples in Rajasthan. The temple remains open from 6am to 7pm. The Bhandasar temple is considered to be one of the most stupendous architectural structures which provide a peaceful break from the dull desert scenarios.

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