Super Excited Environment in Kite Festival Celebration at Jaipur

Celebration of kite festivals is fixed on 14th of January, every year at Jaipur. There is lot of excitement among persons engaged in kite flying, forgetting every thing for the moment.

There are such a large numbers of kites flying in the sky covering up almost 75% of sky in the crowded areas of the city, where the children and young are collected on the roof wearing fancy clothes and playing their favorite music songs. Sense of competition prevails and every one considers himself a hero in the sport of kite flying. Some of the kites are having printed photographs of favorite film stars, politicians etc.


Kite Festival Jaipur Rajasthan

Kite Festival Jaipur Rajasthan

The shop keepers engaged in selling kites do a roaring business and stock great variety of kites of different colors, sizes and shapes. The shop keepers sell special thread, which is coated with fine glass particles and it has ability to cut the opponent’s kite thread while it is allowed to move over the thread of another kite. The cut kite falls down and there are boys on the street ready to plunder the cut kite.

When a kite gets cut there are loud sounds heard and kite flyers are seen in hilarious mood and spirits. Some of the intoxicate them selves with liquor to enjoy the feat in their own way. The month of January is excellent time to enjoy the warmth of sunshine. There is now place in the streets and markets of Jaipur where kite flying is not taking place.

Parks are also full with people flying kites, who can not access a roof top considered an ideal place for kite flying. Kite flying is a scene worth enjoying by the tourist, who reach Jaipur to participate in the kite flying activity from the hotels, where they are staying.

The celebration of kite flying as festival at Jaipur was started five years ago titled Desert Kite Festival. In the spirit of festival extra large kites are also available. It is recorded that some one made a kite as big as 1.5 km in size.

This festival goes on for 3 days, for first 2 days there is an competition between Kite flyer and winners are decided in various categories. Winners are later awarded various trophies and monetary awards. Third day is exhibition day for kite. For this Venue of festival is Royal Umaid Bhavan Palace. For third day expert Kiters from all around world and show their skills with various types of Kites. This all end with a prize distribution ceremony.

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