Shekhawati Festival – Celebration Focusing on Fascinating Rural Tourism

Celebration of Shekhawati festival takes place on 10th and 11th of February every year. It is organized by State Department of Tourism in cooperation with district administrations of Sikar, Jhunjhunu and Churu.

shekhawati festival

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With the objective of giving more coverage to Shekhawati festival it is celebrated at more number of local places like Nawalgarh, Sikar, Jhunjhunu and Churu. The program is comprised of 1 day touring in the region using camel rides and jeep safaris organizing farm visits. There are rural games in which every one can participate. The festival arranges cultural programs, haveli competitions and ends with fabulous fireworks bringing the region awakening scene to the outside guests.

Surya Mandal Stadium, Nawalgarh is the center of celebrations and it can be reached from Jaipur, which is 140 kilo meters away and is well connected with train and bus services besides private taxi service for the tourist to travel in comfort and speed.

Shekhhawati holds fame regarding its frescoes and in the past few years has acquired the status of destination for rural tours also. The tourists find it amazing moment to ride the horseback and undertake rural tours in nearby villages situated in the outskirts to view how people live and get an occasion to interact with them and enjoy their company.

They go back home with an everlasting friendship memory of the moments they lived in true Indian environment. They feel the way the agricultural revolution is taking shape in the villages, which can not be seen in their homeland.

These villages are now places producing surplus crops, which around 80% gets exported to other states in contrast to previous period, when the local production was just 10% of their needs and majority of the crops had to be brought from other places increasing financial burden for the people.

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  • Abhinandan Hospitality

    Really nice as It is worth noting that “Incredible India” can be discovered not just in her cities but also in her villages and towns. Hence, somewhere something incredible is waiting to be explored.

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