Mansa Devi temple – Lambore Dham – Jhunjhunu

Mansa Devi temple is one of the most famous temples after Sati Temple. It is located in Lambore dham village, which is around 8 – 9 kms away from Sadulpur on Sadulpur- Malsisar- Jhunjhunu road. There are said to be many avatars of Durga Mata. Mansa Devi is also considered to be one of her forms, thus worshipped by devotees with lot of religious zeal. The temple is believed to accomplish your wishes by performing the described rituals and puja.


The Lambore Dham village can be reached both by road from Delhi – Jaipur road or by train.  The difference in distance is almost same, being approximately 240 Kms in each case. Nearest railway station to Lambore Dham is Sardulpur (Rajgarh). Lambore Dham, popularly also known as Lambore Bari, is hardly 15 minutes drive from Rajgarh – Malsisar – Jhunjhunu road. It is situated approx 8 kilometers south of Rajgarh.

Legends of Mansa Devi:

Most tourist places have their own tale to boast about, so has Mansa Devi Temple. The legends have it that earlier the devoted Idol of Mansa Mata was placed in ‘Devi ki Vani’, which was surrounded by devotees. However it is said that later on due to evil spirits Mata left that place and took refuge near the berry tree instead. One day she appeared in the dreams of the head of Hamirwasiya family- Seth Surajmal. He built this temple believing the dream to be an inspiration and instruction for erecting the Mansa Devi Temple. He selected the foreseen spot and rendered the responsibility of construction to his elder son Shri Onkarmalji before returning to Calcutta. The construction took a year to complete and on April 19, 1975 the idol of Mataji was placed.

Structure of Temple:

The temple structure has spread considerably since its inception. Starting from a small place and a verandah, today the temple boasts of 41 rooms, and a Yagnasala along with other small inbuilt temples. Few of them are; Shri Lamboria Mahadevi ji temple, Singhdwar and Shri Lamboria Balaji Temple. Unlike other religious temples, Mansa Devi temple is well equipped with latest required items such as, generators, quilts, rugs, pots etc. There are continuous religious ceremonies held through the trust and the keepers of the temple. The temple has wide spread beliefs and rituals. The flow of devotees for fulfilling their wishes has helped in keeping alive the foundation of this temple all over the country.

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